Competitive Rates.......
  •        Decades of experience in the underwriting industry
  •        Integrity, ethics and values are priority
  •        Highly diversified lease and finance programs
  •        Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  •        We have an online application to make it simple
  •        Extensive equipment, product and industry knowledge

The people of STERLING have decades of experience
in the finance services business and as leaders in the underwriting industry.

For the business customer with minor credit challenges we have programs
that allow lease or finance payments to meet budget and equipment
requirements.  This is when it becomes difficult to obtain conventional financing.

Our financial services offer very competitive rates and terms from national bank,
local bank along with private programs for commercial leases and loans.
Our financial services offer competitive national bank, local bank and
private programs for commercial leases or loans.

We have several underwriting programs specializing in
"start-up business"
financing.  For those with less then the required time in business.

The amount of credit requested by a customer may exceed their credit history,
depth or strength.  In these circumstances we consider security deposits,
additional collateral, real estate or co-signers with credit and
financial strength as a credit enhancement.

We have multiple underwriters so the customer doesn't have to
in order to compare programs and rates and receive multiple
credit inquires on their credit bureau.

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