Inventory Process
Equipment is brought into inventory by recovery and remarketing
agents in behalf of our clients.  Clients are the original
"paper holder," "owner" or "trustee."  They are many different Leasing
Companies, Banks and Bankruptcy Courts.

Inventoried equipment is assigned a tracking number.
Also a Fair Market Value (asking price) is established with
the original paper holder.  Equipment is marketed at the
"asking price," any offers below that figure must be
verified and accepted by the client.

Every effort possible is made to determine the condition and
operability of the equipment in our testing and evaluation
process.  Please ask for the "Terms & Conditions of Sale"
for more detailed information.

Inventory on our lists represents only a portion of the current
inventory available for sale.  If you cannot find the item your
looking for, please contact us as equipment arrives on a daily basis and
many items may have arrived after the list was updated last.
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